You became a foster carer so you could make a positive difference for a child in need but it is so much tougher than you thought...

I get it, being a foster carer can be so hard.

You opened your heart and your home to children in need but no one told you how challenging it would be when...

  1. Everyday routines such as meal time, family activities, and technology time result in a battle
  2. Youth don't understand or respect relationships or personal boundaries which leaves you worn out and exhausted
  3. You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or hopeless and you don't know where to reach out to get the assistance and support you and your youth need

Hi. I'm Amanda and I'm a certified Confidence Coach for Underprivileged Youth, a High School teacher, a mother of 4, and a foster carer of 4 years. I know what's it's like to want to help youth in your care succeed and thrive but find yourself plagued by doubt, overwhelm, and frustration. You don't know what to do or where to go for help and support. It seems you are fighting an uphill battle on your own and you just want to find a bit of peace amid the stress and struggle. I've been there so many times.

That's why today I am so passionate about supporting other carers with the skills and resources that will make all the difference. I have pulled together top experts from around the world to help you stop struggling over screentime, navigate new social interactions with your youth, create healthy eating habits in your home, find healing through connection to nature, become a master of your emotions, deal wih loss and grief suring your journey, overcome the beliefs that keep you stuck in frustration and fear, and so much more.

What if you could...

  1. Impact your youth in a positive way by helping them navigate everyday situtions more effectively and develop healthy habits (all while maintaining your sanity)
  2. Become a master of your emotions so you could respond to challenges and grief in a more confident and peaceful way
  3. Have resources and experts in a variety of fields at your fingertips ready to help you solve those burning questions you have

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